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Live, 1-on-1 online music lessons for anyone, anywhere.

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Access to incredible teachers

Take private, online music lessons from experienced and professional teachers who are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. Whether you’re just starting to learn an instrument or you want to hone your skills, you will have access to the best teachers in the industry, exclusively on Forte.

A teacher that’s right for you

At Forte, you’ll get matched with a teacher who aligns with your specific skill level, musical aspirations, goals, genre interests, and more. No need to spend hours searching for a teacher. Plus, we offer a best-match guarantee so you get your money back if your match isn’t perfect!*

All your music education needs in one place

You can access everything you need for your lessons right on the Forte platform. It’s a hub for all your resources like recorded lessons, a live notebook, progress tracking, and so much more.

The smooth, seamless, and best way to learn music

Hear the Forte difference

With Forte Pure Audio, you’ll enjoy the highest audio resolution available so the most human and expressive aspects of music making, like tone color, dynamics, articulation, and musical nuance, are no longer sacrificed, just because your lesson is online.  The sound is great, so your lesson can be, too.

Listen to how Forte compares to other popular meeting platforms.

See the Forte difference

Our simple visual interface allows you to focus on learning music instead of fussing with settings. Features like dual camera setup and in-screen documents keep you immersed in active learning. Plus, all your progress, resources, recorded video sessions, and learning materials can be accessed in your account at any time!

How it works

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Let us know your current skill level, your goals, what kind of music you want to learn, and more. This helps us match you with teachers that are right for you!

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Read about your teacher matches, and then schedule a Meet and Greet with as many teachers as you’d like before deciding which is the perfect fit for you for ongoing lessons.

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Once you’ve found the teacher who feels like a perfect match, book lessons with them on your schedule then meet them on Forte.