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Forte is simple and straightforward.

Forte fits into your schedule

We know you’re busy. Work schedules, commuting, social commitments, etc. shouldn’t get in the way of your musical journey. Online lessons can be scheduled at any time of the day (trust us, we have teachers in all time zones), when you’re ready!

The right teacher for you regardless of where you live

You want a teacher who gets you and someone who understands exactly what your goals are and how to get you there. With Forte, you’re not limited to teachers who live near you.

Everything you need in one place

You can access everything you need for your lessons right on the Forte music platform. It’s a hub for all your resources like recorded lessons, a live notebook, progress tracking, and so much more.

Uniquely Forte

Live music lessons are better than learning from videos

Private, live, online lessons give you the full attention of a teacher, setting yourself up for success. In this personalized learning environment, you’re more likely to absorb information, build your technique, and reach your goals.

Why Forte - Lessons online features

Forte has features purpose-built for music lessons

The musicians who helped build Forte have made sure things like tone, color, dynamics, articulation, and musical nuance are no longer sacrificed during online lessons. With Forte, you have everything you need at your fingertips to have great lessons and productive practice sessions between lessons.

Why Forte - In lesson features

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With just a couple of questions, you'll get matched with a teacher who matches your needs.

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Support and Community

Your lessons come with a community of musicians 

Forte is a community of teachers and students just like you. We are constantly responding to the needs of our community and are committed to serving our teachers and students with updates and improvements to our resources.

We’re here to support you on your musical journey!

Our team wants to see you meet your goals. We offer suggestions about your tech setup, can make recommendations if you’re wondering which microphone or keyboard to purchase, and have experts on our team who can help you navigate any challenges or questions that arise.