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How much do online music lessons cost, and are they worth it?

How much do online music lessons cost

Ashley Pitman, Strategic Marketing and Content

February 28, 2024

How much do online music lessons cost?

Private lessons for instruments like voice (yes, your voice is an instrument), piano, guitar, violin, and drums range in price based on the teacher’s experience and qualifications.  

For a professional teacher who is well-established and has lots of experience, you can expect to pay between $60-$100 per hour. Where the price falls within that range really depends on where the teacher is located, their particular level of expertise, and how in-demand they are. 

Therefore, if you’re taking one hourly lesson per week, a good, average budget for online music lessons is around $320 per month. 

Are online music lessons worth it? Yes!

Here are the reasons:

  • Private, online lessons give you the full attention of your teacher and allow you to move at your own pace, setting yourself up for success. 

  • Your teacher will be able to focus on your individual learning style. Everyone learns in a different way, and when you’re able to connect with a teacher in a personalized learning environment, you’re way more likely to absorb information, build your technique, and reach your goals.

  • Your individual interests are unique! In a private lesson, you can choose the genres you connect with, even focusing on a specific song as your goal. The more you enjoy the music you’re learning, the more motivated you’ll be! 

  • In a one-on-one setting, you also will feel more accountable, which means you’re more likely to practice! Practice is so important in learning music, and there is no better feeling than when your practice pays off and you can finally play that song you’ve always wanted to play!

  • Online lessons are flexible. Forte has teachers in all different time zones, which means that early, late, and weekend hours can be accommodated. Online lessons also eliminate commute times, which means they’re easier to fit into a busy schedule.