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Get More Students on Forte: Share your Forte Profile Publicly


Mark Murtaugh, Co-founder & CEO

December 1, 2023

We are committed to reducing as much friction as possible in connecting you with new students.  With our Shareable Profile Link, you can now promote yourself and share your public Forte profile anywhere you’d like: Instagram, your website, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, etc. With this link, potential students can reach out to you directly through Forte to set up an initial meeting without having to find you through the Forte search function.

To find your Sharable Profile Link, go to the Profile section in your Forte account. Click on the Share button located in the top left corner under your instrument title, and paste the link anywhere you want students to find you.

Please note: If you want to see how your profile looks when someone uses the link, first log out of Forte or open an Incognito browser window before clicking on the link.  

Questions? Email us at – We’re always happy to help!