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Forte Gear Review: Mackie Chromium Mic

Mackie Chromium Mic

Liam Day, Artistic and Education Director

November 13, 2022

Have you been struggling with an effective and easy way to use your electric piano or electric guitar in your online lessons? Some impressive ingenuity has gone into overcoming this challenge, but the solutions have usually been somewhat complicated. I have good news: The Mackie Chromium Mic is a simple, plug-and-play, professional-sounding solution. This is not a sponsored post! When the Forte team comes across new tools and hardware that we think can be helpful to music teachers, we always share that information. 

The Mackie Chromium Mic is an excellent sounding USB condenser microphone that also has a two-channel mixer built into it. And, it is on sale now for $150. With the Chromium Mic, you can stream high quality acoustic sounds via the mic as well as an electric piano, electric guitar, or MP3 player via the second channel. There are zero latency issues, and the sound quality of the second channel is fantastic. 

When I teach guitar on Forte, it had previously been difficult to incorporate a professional electric guitar sound with my speaking or singing voice. Loopback, by Rogue Amoeba, was the first reliable solution I found. A loopback is software that creates a virtual mixer on your computer and lets you stream many different mixes from different audio sources routed through.