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Forte Featured Teacher: Jessi Jordan

Forte Featured Teacher - Blog - Jessi Jordan

Katie Hone Wiltgen, Chief Education Officer

May 29, 2024

Today, we introduce you to voice, songwriting, and production/engineering teacher Jessi Jordan, one of the most popular teachers on the Forte platform.

About Jessi

Jessi is a singer, Billboard and ARIA charting music producer, songwriter, and recording artist. Her professional production credits include releases and placements for Beyonce, Pink, Diddy, and many more artists, both signed to major labels and independent artists alike.

Jessi has successfully found her place in sync licensing and impressively secured an unprecedented 104 sync placements (as her alter ego Moxxi) in just 2022! Talk about hard work! You can hear her music in shows on Netflix, HBO MAX, Peacock, The CW, Paramount+, MTV, Viacom, in ads/commercials, and Riot Games.

Now, through lessons on Forte, Jessi is helping other music creators build their skills and find success in the music industry. She knows that for independent music creators, sync licensing can be much more lucrative than streaming, and Jessi’s fun, exciting, and informative lessons dive into the heart of it.

She also loves to help other singers discover who they are as artists and help them unlock their own, unique vocal gifts. She also works with students to release their own music on Spotify.

Along with being a popular and excellent teacher, Jessi is also a Recording Academy Member, a member of the Recording Academy Producers and Engineers Wing, and a member of ForbesBLK.

Jessi’s Forte teacher profiles:

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Jessi’s Teaching Style and Approach

How would you describe your teaching style?

Warm and friendly, aiming to create a comfortable and supportive learning environment - I believe in fostering a positive and encouraging atmosphere where students feel motivated to engage with the material.

I prioritize providing actionable steps and practical strategies to help students reach their goals efficiently. Whether it's breaking down complex concepts into manageable chunks or offering step-by-step guidance on problem-solving, I strive to make the learning process as straightforward and effective as possible.

What's the best part of music lessons with you?

The fun! When learning is enjoyable and fulfilling, time seems to pass quickly because you're fully engaged in the process. By creating a warm and friendly atmosphere and focusing on actionable steps to reach your goals efficiently, the learning experience becomes not only productive but also enjoyable. When you're having fun while making progress toward your desired outcome, it's natural for time to fly by without you even noticing. This sense of fulfillment and enjoyment can further motivate you to continue learning and achieving your goals.

How do you encourage and motivate your students to progress?

My classes are fun and therapeutic. Active listening is a crucial aspect of being a performer. It's more than just mastering the technical aspects of your craft; it's about connecting with your audience on a deeper level. Engaging with the words, the sounds, and the emotions behind them allows performers to create a meaningful connection with their audience.

Teaching students to actively listen not only enhances their own performances but also teaches them empathy and understanding, which are invaluable skills both on and off the stage. By encouraging students to delve into the nuances of their material and to truly connect with their audience, you're helping them become not just better performers, but better communicators and empathizers as well.

What would your students tell us about you as a teacher?

In her student’s own words:

“Jessi is incredibly kind and genuine. Every encounter with her is a treasure trove of wisdom, as she generously shares her extensive music expertise to shield us from industry pitfalls. Beyond honing our skills as songwriters and vocalists, she guides us towards personal growth, fostering better humanity within us.”

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Jessi’s Unique Specializations

If you were to select a few things that you specialize in as a music teacher, what would they be?

Songwriting for Sync (getting your music in TV), Self-recording songs, empowering female musicians, working with teens. and building confidence

What genre(s) of music do you specialize in or most enjoy teaching?

Pop, R&B, hip hop

Other than your primary instrument(s), are there additional disciplines or skills that you particularly enjoy teaching?

Songwriting, performance anxiety, meditation, breathing

Getting to Know You… Getting to Know All About You

Other than being a musician/music teacher, what is your forte?

Sync Licensing expert: over 150 sync placements in one year!

What are your hobbies or interests outside of music?

Acrylic painting

If you could collaborate with any musician or composer (living or dead), who would you choose, and why?

Rihanna and Adele! (I have already produced records for Beyonce and Pink.)

What is the best musical advice anyone ever gave you?

Become a music producer

As musicians, we are always learning and growing. What's something you're currently working on?

Helping more artists make a sustainable living from music

If you could learn any other instrument, what would you choose, and why?

Acoustic Guitar. It just sounds so lovely

What is your afternoon snack of choice?

White cheddar cheese puffs

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Want to take a lesson with Jessi? View her Forte teacher profiles below to get started!