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Forte's Dual Camera Feature

Dual Cameras

Liam Day, Artistic and Education Director

November 16, 2021

Having more than one camera angle can be a huge advantage when it comes to teaching an instrument online. Forte already has the ability to toggle between multiple web cameras, but we have heard from many teachers that they would also like the ability to use their iPhone as a camera too. For pianists, drummers, and others, that extra camera angle can be essential.

Piano teachers often need to be able to show their students their hand position from a birds-eye view that shows the entire keyboard. Or, in the case of drummers, they might require a quick view of the bass drum pedal or a clear demonstration of the high-hat pedal while simultaneously demonstrating how to strike the high-hat as it opens and closes.

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We know that buying, setting up, and maintaining multiple webcams is not for everyone. That is why we are giving you the option to use your iPhone as the second camera.

You can now find a new option in our settings menu to “Add second camera.”

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When you select this option a QR code will appear. You will not be disconnected from your lesson.

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Using the camera on your iPhone, scan this QR code and click on “Open “” in Safari.” Your phone will automatically join the lesson as a second camera angle for you and your student. You will need to allow permission to access the camera every time you launch this feature.

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Once the feature is launched your iPhone will act as a second camera. Your phone can be on its mobile data network, but for best results, we recommend a strong wifi connection. Your phone will not pick up or transmit audio. To close the mobile camera, simply click the end call icon on the phone.

Click here to see a demonstration of a teacher launching the Dual Camera Angle from their iPhone.

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