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The Forte Foundations series is a series of live webinars offered to the Laurel Springs community through the Forte Music Lesson Program. These sessions are designed to help guide students and parents through their journey to become a lifelong musician.

Forte Foundations Series

Maintaining Musical Motivation: Progression and Preventing the Summer Slump

May 9, 2024 | 8:00 PM ET | Register Here

You’ve finally made it to (almost) the end of the school year - Yes! While summer allows a great chance for down-time, you definitely don’t want to lose all the amazing musical progress you’ve made this year. We know that musical growth is all about consistent practice, and big breaks away from practice can lead to major summer learning loss. Join Forte to learn how to stay motivated and ensure continued progression to make the most of your summer break, while still allowing yourself an oh-so-necessary reset.

Parents: Want your child to continue practicing but also want to avoid having to nag them constantly? We get it (we have kids, too!). Join us for tips and tricks to support and encourage your child's musical activity without it becoming a conflict.

Past Forte Lesson Program Events

Growth Mindset for Musicians: Become the Best Version of Yourself

April 29, 2024 | 8:00 PM ET | Register Here

Success as a musician is earned and built through focused practice, hard work, and dedication, not by simply and magically being “good” at music. As a music student, you can intentionally develop a Growth Mindset to become more resilient, productive, and eager. Change your “I’m not good at this” thoughts to “I can learn how to do this if I put my mind to it!,” and watch your musical skills blossom!

Parents: This webinar is for you, too! The way we offer praise or offer constructive criticism has a huge effect on our children's mindset. Sometimes, when we praise our children's intelligence or talent, it can actually lead to less persistence, less enjoyment, and worse performance. Join us to learn how to use praise wisely to create kids who are hardy and resilient.